Goods of the Spirit: Your Spiritual Health Makeover

by Brenda on September 10, 2007

How to grow in grace

Do you know how you stand with “the man upstairs”? How do feelings of acceptance and redemption affect you? How about feelings of guilt and rejection? Since humans are composed of both the material and immaterial, I believe that your spiritual standing with our Creator is as much a part of your total health as the goods of the Body, Mind, and Soul. That spiritual standing involves this life, as well as the next. How is the health of your spiritual relationship?

Future blog posts on cultivating the Goods of the Spirit will include:

  • The importance of spiritual health
  • Feeding your spirit through scripture
  • Exercising your spiritual life through service
  • Recuperative power of prayer and fellowship

Where are you in your spiritual journey? Where do you want to be?

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