Hurricane “To-Do” List

by Brenda on August 22, 2012

A tropical storm or full-fledged hurricane has its sights set on your neighborhood-what do you need to do to be ready? I’m assuming that your supplies are already in place. That type of advance emergency preparation will be covered in a forth-coming post. But once you know you are “in the cone”, what needs to get accomplished in the days and hours ahead?

In my fifty-five years of living in a hurricane-prone area, and having gone through Hurricane Andrew as well as numerous smaller storms, these are my recommendations:

  • Make sure there are no loose or weak branches on trees and bushes on your property- if there are, remove the loose limbs, cut into manageable-sized lengths, bag, and store in a garage or other sheltered area where they will not become missiles in the wind. (This presumes that you have kept your trees trimmed; a storm warning is not the time to trim.)
  • Bring in or secure all loose items in your yard and patio.
  • Turn your refrigerator/freezer to a colder setting (don’t go too cold for the refrigerator, or any fresh produce you have will be damaged and eggs will crack).
  • Make and bag-up extra ice. Fill empty, clean soda, juice, or water bottles with water- leaving expansion room at the top- and place in your freezer to help keep your freezer and refrigerator cold when the power goes, and be additional water storage after they thaw.
  • Charge all portable electronics: cell phones, music players, e-readers (like Kindle), laptop, pads, rechargeable lanterns and emergency radios, etc.
  • Back-up computer files to a portable drive or the cloud, and store away from your computer. Cover your computer with plastic. Your important hard copy files and photos should be kept where they will stay dry.
  • If there will be a garbage pick-up before the storm, clean out your refrigerator and freezer of items that are out-dated. If not, double-bag them and keep in freezer to discard at the next pick-up.
  • Wash ALL of your laundry; you don’t know when you will have power to do it again.
  • Keep all dishes clean immediately after use; you don’t know when you’ll have hot, clean water again.
  • Vacuum all your carpets; again, you may not have power to do it again for awhile.
  • When you are sure the storm is headed your way, pre-cook your fresh meats, so they can be eaten cold (i.e. meat loaf, chicken, pork roast.) Almost any meat you may have can be prepared in advance to be ready to eat cold as a sandwich when you have no power. Also, use eggs to make a quiche, deviled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs for peeling. For vegetarians, cook your beans and grains in advance.
  • If you have storm shutters, put them in place before the wind picks up.
  • Scrub the bathrooms, then use caulk to seal and fill the bathtub; leave a small bucket nearby. This water will be handy to fill the toilet tank for flushing.
  • Fill every clean container you have with fresh water. After the start of a hurricane, do not drink, wash your hands, or brush your teeth with the water from the faucet without treatment for pathogens. The ‘boil order’ could last days or weeks.
  • Plan when you will take your dogs outside on storm day, to miss the worst of the storm (you may not be able to take them out for 4 or 5 hours.)
  • Choose where your family (including pets) will sit out the storm, preferably a room away from windows. Make sure pets are crated or leashed- you don’t want them running out in the storm if your house opens up.
  • Keep your lantern, cell phone (for texting family; don’t expect calls to get through), radio, and anything your family will need during that time (water, snack, pillows, baby’s pacifier, games, cards, etc.) there in your safe room.

After all this advance work, if the storm arrives you will be more comfortable both during and after. If the storm heads another direction and misses you, then you can sit back and relax for awhile; after all, you’ve already done your housework, laundry, and cooking for the next couple of days!


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Why Should You Think Like an Economist?

by Brenda on December 28, 2011

Seems like a valid question to ask, right?  Aren’t economists the stuffy, bean-counter types that don’t see value in the world outside of spreadsheets and Profit and Loss statements?

Well, learning to think like an economist can really help provide a framework to use valuable tools in dealing with daily decision-making.

With Professor Bartlett’s Thinking like an Economist: A Guide to Rational Decision Making, The Great Courses’ course #5511, you can learn to utilize the following:

  • People respond to incentives.
  • There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.”
  • There are at least two sides to every interaction.
  • Everything affects everything else.
  • Any action can bring with it significant unintended consequences.
  • In this world of complex interrelationships, no one is really in control.

For a great price for this great course, first click here (or on the ad to the right): Art of Critical Decision Making (which is another excellent course), then utilize the Search for course #5511.  You might want to also check the list of “Courses Under $40”, and any other courses you had under consideration.  After placing in your Shopping Cart, and finishing the rest of your shopping, use Coupon Code R4HR to get free shipping on your order when you buy 3 or more courses! You might also find that the Coupon Code R4HR has lowered the cost to an even lower sale price, depending on the courses you have chosen.

You will truly enjoy this 12 part course!



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